GY618 cording-mixed EMB machine


¡¡ CHAOYU cording mixed embroidery machine is a new type product of this field, which can make different effect on both flat and cording embroidefy works£¬make the embroidery works looks more modern£¬elegant£¬with more individuation£¬can be applied for fashion£¬curtain£¬ bedspread£¬toys£¬decoration£¬arts.

¡¤ being compatible with flat embroidery£¬working speed iS more than 600rpm£¬with high embroidery efficiency

¡¤ Being convertient to change the cording press foot£¬with multipie cord feeding holes on the press foot for different sizes of cording material

¡¤ With novel structure design for the cording system, without losing upperthread£¬without gorier caused by cording material not smooth£®

¡¤ With less thread broken£¬without lacking stitches£¬with stable embroidery quaity